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Erm.. dah masuk 35 thn ni, ape ke lginya ye x.. umie kene la jga apa yg ptt.. badan?? udah tuttt! hak3!! (working on something ye!!) pstt!! Syah, yok lawan akk yok.. ngee..

bytheway, ni bukan nk cite psl body ye.. nak cite psl moka la plak.. moka comey, badan org xkisah sgt.. ngee.. btol meyh? ntah la pulak ye x? but then, its working for me!! ecece..

ESHIKO™ is a transparent hydrated silica face powder reduced to a size of 10 nanometer, the size of a single particle of smoke. An ordinary face powder has a size of 10,000 nanometer. Due to its size, it easily glides to the skin leaving a layer of protective light absorbing nanospheres that makes the pores smaller ang gives a smooth and radiant look in an instant. It is also translucent which means it does not make your skin pale white even after excessive application, it enhances your natural skin complexion and is suitable for any skin color or tone. ESHIKO™ absorbs oil and sweat 15 times its own weight. It is perfect for people who wants to have the perfect skin complexion even after a hard days work or a workout at the gym. It is perfect on its own or as a finisher after your usual make-up. It is great for people with oily, combination and dry skin as well. We believe that ESHIKO™ is the best translucent face powder in the market today, If you disagree, we will return your full purchase within 100 days after purchase. Try ESHIKO™ risk free!

What does it do?

ESHIKO™ is used just like an ordinary face powder. However, due to hydrated silica’s innate properties of light refraction, it absorbs and disperses light in a manner that it gives an illusion of a glowing, smooth, refined and flawless skin. It visibly reduces pore size instantly upon application. ESHIKO™ also prevents excessive oil and sweat by absorbing oil and fluid 15 times its own weight. ESHIKO™ is hydrophilic, making your skin hydrated and supple. It is also lipophobic, it prevents oil and shine for the perfect matte finish for hours.

How should I use it?

ESHIKO™ should be applied after you moisturize your face. Using a kabuki brush or a powder sponge, apply ESHIKO™ just like your ordinary powder. You can use it alone or as a finisher after make-up.

Is it safe to use?

ESHIKO™ is 100% safe to use. You can read more about hydrated silica at this Wikipedia Article. Hydrated silica is recognized as safe by the FDA. Hydrated silica is listed by the US Food and Drug Administration as “Generally Recognized as Safe”.

byk plk nak sembang nye.. kita tgk je bezanya keh?

This is a YAY for me! I'm using this as a setting powder under my liquid foundation, it controls my oily skin.

Skin feels smooth, does not feel wearing it, looks more natural & fresh face although the day without touchup. It looks like bare skin already. I know that my pores are still obvious but with this powder on, my skin looks brighter!

You can tell & feel the difference of the skin without it & with it on. I have a combination to oily skin on which my cheek is dry while the rest of my face is oily. I read that this product is good for all skin types but more friendly for dry skin. It is also translucent which means it does not make your skin pale white even after excessive application, it enhances your natural skin complexion and is suitable for any skin color or tone.

At first feeling strange reason would like talcum powder powder normal. But after a week of wear, it seems Eshiko magic for me. There will always Eshiko from today

bedak nye kecik je.. tpi mmg last long.. nak ke tempek moka sendri kat sini? kang ckp syok sndri plak hahaha..

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  1. wherr did u buy this thing~is it in malaysia? got the link? can giv me^_^

  2. Hi Aisyah, yes, here:-


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