Monday, January 24, 2011


lately umie xtaw lah kenapa badan umie sakit2 uhuu.. terpk la dOlu2 umie ada la beli mende alah neh.. sO y nOt pakei je ye x? beli pOn msa tu mahEi woO! pakEi2, adEh! rsa lega la plak.. sO menjurus ke arah beli satu lgi hOk yg jenis lekat2 neh.. alahEi, murah je kOt pakEi RP (cosway) hak3!!

walaupun yg hOk putih tu canggEh, ttp xdpt nak lawan yg kaler biru neh! biru tu, siap gego2 lagi tw!!! smlm nora ada jugak menerai yg hOk kaler putih tu, letak kat belakang bahu.. udah bergerak2 mcm 'femau' le plak uhuu (femau, alah, cite drama cina yg hOk angkat2 bahu tu uhuu)

cmne pOn, meh umie nak share ckit pasal mende alah neh..

6-in-1 Function Pulse Massager

HealthClub™ 6-in-1 Function Pulse Massager

You can turn fat into lean muscle without exercising! You can also relieve stress or relax tensed and tired muscles without going for a massage.

• Relieves Stiff Shoulders
• Tones Up Underarms
• Strengthens Back Muscles & Alleviates Backaches
• Flattens Bulging Tummy
• Lifts Sagging Buttocks
• Firms Up Thighs & Calves
• 100% user-friendly
• Easy-to-use, easy-to-read LCD display
• 6 programed functions with 10 intensity levels
• Compact and lightweight
• Tiny cables - no more cramps from over stretching your arms trying to reach for the on/off buttons or adjusting the intensity level when you place it on your shoulders or back
• 4 electrode pads for single user or *shared application at a time

In just 10 minutes, you will get the amazing effects of:

600 • Tummy crunches and
• sit-ups
• Leg lifts
• Waist stretches
• Back strengthening
• exercises
• Dumbbell curls
• Squats

…all these "exercises" while watching TV, reading a book, doing your household chores, or working in the office!

p/s hOk ni mmg la amat bagus pd kita2 yg hby2 nye maLeh nak mengurut2 hak3!!!

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bintangku said...

Ke ren laii.... ken papa... papa pu chai ciaaa....
Eh... silap suda... :P

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