Friday, September 25, 2009

Pinhole Glasses

umie sbnaqnya xsoka pakei spek2 ni taw x.... dh la nak ngusung pun satu hal... rsa mcm dok ggu pun ada.... baru2 ni, dok ngusha lah lam lowyat, jmpak lah psl Pinhole Glasses. Dikatakan memperbaik pulih bila diamalkan selalu.... sedikit info psl Pinhole Glasses..

An everyone knows, Pinhole Glassees selling in pharmacy like guardian or watson, its normaly cost from RM75-RM80.

A Pinhole Glasses is use as eye therapy.

Wearing a Prescription Glasses is not good for us actually because a normal glasses with power, v know its estimated for the distance of 20 feets, but when v c computer, read books or even watch movie, which less than 20 feets, the prescription Glasses will actually strain & stress our eyes.

Wear a Pinhole glasses allow us to focus in far distance, but it is not advisable to use outdoor, or use as sunglasses.

Use Pinhole Glasses up to 1 month can help to cure ur eyesight. Dun depend too much on prescription glasses as it could not cure eye sight at all.

udah rsa cm owg buto pong ado =P pape pong, t any outcome, umie share ngn semua keh... muahx!!!

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