Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cite diet lagi

Umie since da 'kecOt' sikit dh ni, mmg teruje je bila tgk mende2 yg berkaitan dgn diet lalala... bukak2 je tenet, terperasan satu perkataan yg menarik minat umie 'Experts Reveal: 15 Small Diet Changes for Big Weight Loss' (dari Yahoo) waaaaaa... jom kita zaaass..

1. Drink water with lemon to rev up your metabolism.
2. Listen to your hunger.
3. Don't buy diet food.
4. Eat a salad for lunch every day.
5. Eat on a schedule.
6. Start juicing...drinking vegetable juice, that is!
7. Always carry almonds with you.
8. Add psyllium and flaxseed into your diet.
9. Add protein to every meal.
10. Drink alcohol sitting down. mmg x hamek kot
11. Watch out for carb serving sizes.
12. Choose Greek yogurt over other types of yogurt.
13 Skip the mayo and choose mustard instead.
14. Ditch the sugary drinks for good.
15. Experiment with new recipes.

Utk number 14 tu, umie mmg jarang minom air manis2 ni.. so... umie ada 13 je tok menjayakan diet umie.. chayok3 umie!!

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