Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Perfume lah lagi nye

tataw la knp lately umie soka bangat dgn bau2an ni.. cyes!!! punyalah soka!! tpi kejap2 bersin.. lalala


Covet’s opening is rather sharp and high pitched; on a test strip, all I could smell was lemon and lavender blended with lots of almost-bitter green. On paper and on clothing, I found the combination vaguely reminiscent of citronella (although mind you, I like the smell of citronella). On skin, it is softer and the top notes are not so long-lived; the chocolate, though subtle, softens and sweetens things rapidly. Covet develops quickly thereon in: the flowers go by in a flash, rather as they do in Lovely, and in no time we have arrived at the woody musky base. It is considerably darker, deeper and earthier than Lovely, but the chocolate and a dash of vanilla keep it lightly sweet and edible, and little whiffs of the lemon and lavender continue to weave in and out. In the final stages, it makes a vague nod towards Angel’s classic combination of dessert notes over a warmer, sexier oriental base, although here the notes are polished smooth and not quite so sultry.

Cyes penutup botol hok ni mmg superb lawo

Another fragrance of the famous singer, which this time wears her name. The bottle of a seductive design and the outer box, both covered with black lace, are inspired by the dress that Marcel Rochas created for Mae West. Black lace, the bottle in a shape of woman's body, and allusion to Marylyn Monroe, reflect the Christina Aguilera's new style of emphasized sexuality, which is according to her, the most important.

Aguilera announces a very feminine and seductive fragrance, components of which have a special meaning for her.

Jasmine reminds her of old Hollywood glamour, while blueberry scent of her honey moon in Bali. Exotic fruits cocktail of mandarin, peach, and blueberry in the top notes are replaced by the voluptuous notes of the heart: jasmine, lily of the valley, peony and ripe plum accords. The sensual base is created of musk, amber, and warm milky tones of sandal wood and vanilla
isk3!! kemain lucah lagi hok ni hak3!!!
Eternal Magic Enchanted is a spin off from their fragrance Eternal Magic, produced in 2010. Though the shape and design of the bottle are the same, and Zoe Saldana is still the spokesperson, there are some really noticeable difference in this fragrance and the original.
The original scent was warmer with the vanilla and rose. This fragrance is a bit brighter and sweeter, with top notes that include, black raspberry, lush greens, and juicy cassis while the mid and base-notes include green diamond rose, lilac, and musk
cyes berkenan kan penutup nye tu...

Marvellous kn? lalala.. ape jelah umie ni.. actually, umie mcm tercari2 'identiti' umie utk suite dgn perfume.. boley ke cenggitu? adoila.. umie sndri xtw lah.. cmne pun, ni mmg boley thn utk setahn @ lebih okeh..

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