Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Umie xingt kat mana je umie letak earphone MP3 umie tu uhuu.. beli mahai le jugak, tpi sbb kebabai punya pasal uhuu..

jdi nya, nak xnak, kne la beli laEn.. MENCIK DOWH!!!

Sony MDR-NC300D headphone is a noise cancellation headset in the ear that has three different modes for the noise cancellation mode; A mode (General and Movie mode), B mode (Airplane Mode), and C mode (train, bus, car, office). According to Sony, it has capable of removing up to 98.4% of unwanted noise and has a sensitivity of 6Hz – 24,000Hz, an 16? impedance, and 16mm drivers.

The Sony MDR-NC33 earphones is the younger brother NC300D that is capable of removing up to 90% of unwanted noise. It has a frequency response of 10Hz – 22,000Hz, 13.5mm drivers, and a sensitivity of 98dB/mW (NC ON) and 99dB/mW (NC OFF).

The Sony MDR-N600D is an “over-head” headphones that is capable of removing up to 99% of unwanted noise. It has brings 40mm Neodymium driver units, a frequency response of 5Hz – 24,000Hz, an impedance of 40?, and a sensitivity of 102dB/mW.

mcm2 jenih sebnrnya earphone neh.. terpulang pd sipendengar je sbnrnya nak yg cmne je.. ;)

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