Monday, October 04, 2010

Kisah Wasabi

akhirnya, lepas jugak gian tok mndptkan sushi!! xbyk mana pOn makan.. juz menyumbat pd moLot hby je.. kuang3

dgn stail yg anggun, siap molot ngomel2... ni la cara nya makn sushi (dLm aty ckit la punya nak geLak, tapi TAHAN DOWH!)

malas nk tgk rupa menguyah, tiba2 udah melOmpat!! hamek kO! hak3!! adeh3! senak tRot tRus ambO! ptt amek gambO dOwh! [siap bgtaw 'tangkap idOng dLu la'] hak3..

meh cite ckit psL wasabi

Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) is served freshly grated and has a mild flavour, but it is expensive so what you will usually find is the imitation wasabi made from mustard powder and horseradish. — UU BAN/The Star

The wasabi plant (Eutrema wasabi) is a member of the cruciferous family. It traditionally grows in very cold, flowing water from natural springs or rivers in deep valleys, under the canopy of trees. The earliest cultivation of wasabi dates at least to the 10th century. The grated ‘rhizome’ or above ground root-like stem of this plant has a fiery hot flavor that quickly dissipates in the mouth to leave a lingering sweet taste, with no burning sensation. Wasabi is a staple condiment in Japanese cuisine, served with sushi or noodles. The leaves can be dried and used for flavor in foods such as salad dressing, cheese, and crackers, or pickled fresh in sake brine or soy sauce

p/s=> ya ampun!!! xde niat pOn nak aniaya... saje je nak ngajO cmne mkn sushi.. hak3!!


bintangku said...

eE.... yg bwh tu cam ulat!

Umie Nurpu3 said...

bukan kO sOka ka nOra? :P

bintangku said...

ulat nie tak soka. Ulat yg lg satu tu soka. akak pun kompom soka. Ha ha ha

Umie Nurpu3 said...

chOi! uLat gapO mu??? uhuu

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